First Assistant Director

I have been the First Assistant Director for many productions in the Calgary area. It is my favourite job on set, as it requires knowing the details of how each department works, and how they work with each other. It challenges me to not only be a friend and colleague, but also, how to be a leader that my film crew can trust. Whenever someone hires me as a 1st AD, it is a great honour to me, as it shows that they trust their production in my hands, and in return, I give my utmost to make sure their production is taken care of.

      The leadership needed from a 1st AD is of the highest importance, and I love bringing guidance and direction to the crew, especially when they look to me to keep the set running smoothly. 

At the end of the day, there is always a satisfactory feeling knowing that I have led an entire film crew, and everyone has gone home happy and safe.