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Fargo is what started it all off for me. I thought that I would just go be on set for one day, and that would be crossed off of my bucket list. As it turned out, I was needed on set dozens of times, and I am in every episode of Season One.

Who would have thought that one phone call would change the course of my entire life?


Heartland is always a homecoming for me of sorts. I have many friends who have worked on the show almost since the beginning. I worked on Heartland before any of the cast did. I did set construction, and peeled the logs to help build the log home before the show was ever on TV. It always brings me back down to Earth when I get to be in front of the camera for the show.


Hell on wheels was a brand new experience for me. We mostly shot outside in uncontrolled environments, so each day brought new experiences, and we could never know what to expect when we showed up to set.

It was a challenging show, because all I could do was show up, be prepared, and bring my absolute best. I made lifelong friends throughout the show, and it is a time in my life I will never forget.

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